​List of Missing Classmates

If you are reading your name on this Missing List, please let us hear from you!  We would like to remove your name and get back in touch!

​Should you have contact information for anyone on this list, please let us know!  We would like to remove the name from the list, and you can give me as much or as little info as you desire.  Please send the information directly to SOCin1967@gmail.com or directly to me, Harry Hall, at harry.l.hall@att.net

  A                                   D                                  G   H                         L                                  O

​Shirley Averite                          John Dabney                            Marilyn Gaston Riley        Bobby Ladd                             Maria Olgurin

Susan Ashley Fields                    Mike Dahl                                Jerry George                   Glenda Lawless                       Ronnie Owens                  

                                                Mary Davis Jackson                  Mickey Gibson                  Raymond Lee                                               

B                                                                        John Gordon                   Daphne Lewis                          ​P

Ray Bane                                   Rosalie Dicks                           Donnie Gill                       Janie Lewis                            Jessie Paine                         

Patricia (Belknap) Kirk               Mary Dickson                           Mike Gulley                      Ann Liles Ibarra                       Shirley Pena

​                                                 Rick Dorsey                              James Griffin                   Connie Lindeman                    Pam Penland

Sandra Borden                                                                          Gail Hansen Beach             Teresa Lopez Speda                Donald Penny                  

​David Boyd                                                                               Ronnie Hart                      Drue Luther                            Ernest Pesina

​Phillip Brown                             Leon Durham                           Toni Hill Prasifka               ​M                                          Cynthia Peterson  

Vickie Brown Mitchel                 ​E                                   John Hodken                     Bobby Martin                          Patsy Poole               

Larry Brummett                                                                        Louie Holt                         Linda McCain Martinez            Kenneth Puckett               

​Phylis Bumpas                            Jerry Essex                               James Horn                      Richard McCord                       ​R

C                                    F                                   ​Pam Hudson                                                                   Mary Richey Martin

Virginia Cagle Parmenter            ​                                     J                                                                 ​Robert Riley         

Candy Camp Pucket                    Pat Fant Silverman                   William Jackson                                                              Lanell Robertson Webb

Sharon Capeheart Taylor                                                            ​K                                      Larry Mewborn                        Angela Rodriquez            

​Vincent Chase                             Babara Fleming                        Jerry Kelly                        Charlotte Moss                                    Martinez

                                                  Elizabeth Fortner Powell          Patsy Kincaid                     Jacquita Murray Black              Frank Rodriquez

Joyce Cole Smith                        Marcia Freeman Rodriquez        Ronald King                       ​N                                  ​Mario Rodriquez

​Dovie Cox                                                                                   Marcella Kriska Albers        Johnny Nabors                         Letha Rolison

​                                                                            ​Jimmie Kurz                      Ronald Norman                       


S                                      T                                     W ​(continued)

​Greg Shell                                     Roy (Woody) Todd                       James Wilson                      

JR Salmon                                                                                       Eddie Winters

​Yvonne Samples York                                                                       Larry Womack

​Marylou Sanchez Flores                ​V                                                  Donna Worley East

John Simmons                                                                                  Donna Wortham                              

Barbara Slack Wright                      Sharon Vaughn                           

                                                     Thomas Villanueva          

Daniel Spenser                              ​W                                                 ​Y

Irene Spenser                                 Nancy Walker Yeatman                  Linda Young        

Vickie Spikes Spradlin                     Linda Wallace                               ​Z

Danny Spradlin                               Daniel Ward                                  Mary Zapada

Robert Springer                              David Warren

Robert Stafford                               Michael Weaver

                                                      Billy Williams

Diane Sykes                                     Richard Williams